The Fleet

Our first fleet vehicles were launched in Dec 2017, and is a tour and campaign truck and ocean kayak. They are used to educate the public on the truth of wildlife struggles. The truck transports food to wildlife shelters and refuges. See more photos of the truck here.

Soon we will take the truck into the wild to document the plight of wildlife for the public and media. Using drone cameras, infrared night vision cameras, and motion detector cameras we will gather detailed accounts of the situation to share with public in order to pressure government to protect these amazing animals and environment.

Our second fleet vehicle is a Chevy Truck that serves as a mobile billboard.

You can see more pictures of the Chevy here.


In the coming months, we are going to add a motorhome for longer, more isolated trips and an ocean Zodiac for marine observations and documenting infractions.

Zodiac to be use in conjunction with 4-wheel drive tour vehicle to access local waterways to monitor salmon farms and wildlife.

Kayak used to get closer to wildlife in coastal estuaries and small bays.

Motorhome to access remote wilderness areas and meet our mandate to document the plight of wildlife and environmental infractions. It will also act as an operations base for documentary filmmakers, wildlife photographers, scientists, and other wildlife groups that we collaborate with.

Remote access ATV 

Drone camera will be used to monitor hunters, conservation officers, and allow us to get closer to wildlife without interfering in their habitat, including night vision cameras.

Night vision camera

Underwater microphone will be used to monitor marine wildlife






All fleet vehicles – Zodiac, motorhome, kayak, and truck – will all be wrapped in Stop Animal Brutality campaign graphics, partially donated by Prima Graphics in Delta, BC.


All full time or part time members or volunteers will be trained in First Aid, Avalanche Safety, Wilderness Survival, and  Pleasure Craft Operation, as well as working with trained guides to safely access large carnivore wildlife habitat. Stop Animal Brutality firmly believes in safety for its members, awareness and respect of animals, and is going to great lengths to finance proper equipment, education and training to have minimal to no impact on any wildlife habitats we operate in. We will obey all municipal, provincial, federal, and First Nations guidelines and laws as well as fully respecting all private property. Stop Animal Brutality does not condone any illegal,  confrontational, verbal or physically violent behaviour. We are a peaceful organization doing what we can through education and documentation to bring attention to the plight of wildlife and the environment.

We are a subsidiary of Black Suns Studio Gallery Inc. of Vancouver, BC, a self-financed art and trades workshop and gallery for disadvantaged youth.

Protecting wildlife in Western Canada and helping the public take meaningful action to care for our beautiful environment