Lone hiker attacked by grizzly in remote wilderness north of Powell River

On July 29, Colin Dowler of Quadra Island escaped an encounter with a grizzly bear in Ramsay Arm, an area of remote wilderness 180km northeast of Powell River. He was by himself on a logging road when he was attacked by, then used a knife to stab the bear and fend off the attack. He escaped on his bike to a nearby workcamp where he received first aid before being airlifted to Vancouver General. All available Conservation Officers for the Sunshine Coast region were dispatched to hunt down and destroy the bear. While we are grateful he did not sustain life-threatening or fatal injuries, his choice to enter alone into the remote wilderness resulted in the subsequent pursuit and destruction of the bear in remote grizzly country, which is literal overkill. This hiker went against common sense and the recommendations from the BC Government website: he took the risk to enter alone into remote grizzly country. This was not a case of an aggressive habituated bear entering a residential neighbourhood; this was a human who willingly entered grizzly country on his own with the increased risk of conflict.
Again, this another case of overzealous unnecessary aggression towards wildlife by our supposed “Conservation” officers.
We demand independent oversight of the COS, and reprimand of the commanding officers for the actions!

Support Bill C-400 for mandatory Cat and Dog Fur labelling

Did you know it’s legal to import and sell CAT and DOG Fur in Canada?


Loose import laws allow pet fur products into Canada without any required labelling. MPs had a chance to stop this, but the Liberal majority voted down Bill C‐246 (the animal cruelty act) in the House of Commons, due to the broad scope of the bill and its protection of various animals. Animal cruelty may be controversial to many that profit from it, as was the case with Bill C-246, but most Canadians agree they don’t want to wear the fur of a cat or dog!

In April 2018, Brian Masse (NDP) introduced the Private Member’s Bill C-400, which seeks to change labelling laws and require imports to be labelled with the type of fur. Private bills rarely pass in a majority Government, so this bills needs our support!

We call on the Liberal party to vote in favour of  Bill C-400 and make fur labelling mandatory for all imports.

Please sign our petition here , and also take a few seconds to lend your support to the petition with our friends at Fur Bearers who have been fighting this battle much longer. Please share this with family, friends, and coworkers!

Read Bill C-400 below or in full at https://openparliament.ca/bills/42-1/C-400/

The Grizzly hunt is over

Congratulations to everyone who campaigned on behalf of the grizzly bears of BC. Thanks to the actions of our BC government, grizzlies are now protected from hunting across the entire province!

But don’t get too comfortable. Grizzlies have been protected before in BC and Campbell’s Liberal government lifted protection and reopened the hunt. This issue needs to stay in the public eye if politicians are going to keep taking grizzly protection seriously.

Stop the War on Wolves

Wolves are culled for “wildlife management” purposes to cover the impacts of industrial and human activity. The BC government contracts helicoptor companies to kill them via aerial shooting, and also kills via poison, trapping, and neck snares. Additionally, the federal government has expanded on the provincial wolf kill program via poisoning with strychinine and cyanide, which are acknowledged worldwide as brutal methods of killing animals due to the intensity and duration of suffering, as well as indiscriminately killing dogs, bears, coyotes, birds, and pets. Wildlife specialists, veterinarians, and First Nations are ringing the alarm bell around the destruction caused by this program.

Scientific data shows that industrial interests that show no regard for the environment nor wildlife are to blame for the the decline of Mountain Caribou, not wolves.

Furthermore, Canada Goose clothing tortures animals to make their product. Wolves and coyotes are trapped with crushing leg holds and torturous neck snares. With neck snares, it’s also common for the animal to die of jelly brain, when the snare slowly cuts off circulation from the head to heart but the blood keeps going into the head. The brain swells up until the wolf’s head explodes.

Together we can stop the war on wolves.


Stop Christy

Over the past few years, we have printed 15,000 of these stickers and spread them around Vancouver!

With this sticker we are pointing out that Christy Clark has views and tactics similar to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. It is not an attack on anyone who chooses to dress in drag.

Protecting wildlife in Western Canada and helping the public take meaningful action to care for our beautiful environment