Our Mission

Stop Animal Brutality is a grassroots organization based in Vancouver, BC which supports animal rights and fights animal abuse, such as the BC & AB government wolf cull (killing) programs, cruel fur trade, fish farming, cat and dog fur imports, and more.

We are self-funding and answer to nobody for our financing.
Our for-profit commercial company puts 100% of profits towards our animal rights work.

Stop Animal Brutality  fights for animal rights by:

  • lobbying government and gathering petition signatures
  • media campaigning
  • raising public awareness through expository Canada-wide graphic  poster campaigns
  • billboard advertising at strategic and legal locations
  • printing  stickers, T-shirts, and other clothing to get our message out to “Stop Brutality Against Animals”
  • organizing art shows and workshops at our studio gallery in Vancouver, BC, where the brutal truth and the hope for change are depicted
  • networking with and funding other key animal rights organizations to support the important work that so many dedicated gamechangers are doing
  • gathering donations for sanctuaries and animal rehabilitation centres
  • gathering food and delivering it to animal sanctuaries and rehabilitation facilities
  • shocking people to the brutal truth through many levels of activism
  • gathering information in the field to document the plight of the animals and pillaging of the environment. 
  • running for-profit businesses and making ethical investments with 100% of profits to finance our campaigns as well as finance other animal rights groups.

All of our actions state that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


Stop Animal Brutality is a subsidiary of BlackSuns Studio Gallery Inc., a self-financed art trade, workshop and gallery for disadvantaged youth.

Protecting wildlife in Western Canada and helping the public take meaningful action to care for our beautiful environment