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‘The bears have been starving’: 500 salmon donated to feed emaciated grizzlies

Published Sept 30, 2019 on
Environmental stewards of the Knight Inlet area just north of Vancouver Island have begun feeding grizzly bears after growing concerned with alarming trends among the local population. 

Jake Smith, Guardian Watchman Manager for the Mamalilikulla First Nation says guardians have noticed serious problems with grizzlies and their food supplies since June.

“We’re really concerned about the bears. The bears have been starving because there’s a lack of salmon return in Hoeya Sound and Lull Bay,” said Smith.

Smith was with a group of volunteers who headed into the region on Sunday with 500 pink salmon that had been donated by the A-Tlegay Fisheries Society through the Quinsam River Salmon Hatchery in an effort to feed the bears.
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Add your voice to the petition from the Fur Bearers

Following the arrests of 3 Coquitlam residents who spoke out against destruction of a mother black bear and her two cubs, our affiliates at the Fur Bearers have launched a petition to MLAs and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change calling for systemic changes to how community conflict with black bears is managed as deaths continue to rise, and signs of eroded public trust in the Conservation Officer Service become more apparent. Please add your voice to the shared call for:
– the COS to employ preventative measures, give fines, and provide educational tools prior to lethal measures
– third-party oversight be put into place to review and advise the actions of armed law enforcement agents
– funding be made available to any municipality to increase by-law enforcement activities, specifically related to wildlife feeding and attractants
– both the RAPP (Report All Pouchers and Polluters) line and by-law enforcement departments begin accepting anonymous information regarding by-law or provincial infractions that put wildlife and people at risk

No fines given for unsecured garbage and attractants

Stop Animal Brutality has received information via a Freedom of Information Act request that no fines were given in 2018 on Vancouver Island by the BCCOS. However, Doug Forsdick, the BC Chief Conservation Officer, previously stated in a telephone conservation that fines were in fact being handed out. Fines act to deter irresponsible behaviours that attract and eventually result in the killing of wild animals. As the saying goes, “a fed bear is a dead bear”. It is our responsibility to learn and adjust our behaviours to co-habit with wild animals, and the COS responsibility to enforce responsible behaviour to protect the province’s creatures.

SAB spearheads roundtable of “unlikely allies” to preserve wildlife habitat

BC wildlife is facing increasing threats to survival with climate change and decreasing food stocks. The true sustainability and health of the region’s creatures requires suitable habitat, which is being destroyed at an unprecedented rate by the rampant pillaging of the forestry, fracking, and mining industries. As such, Stop Animal Brutality is assembling a Fall 2019 roundtable meeting with interest groups that don’t often see eye-to-eye, but share the common desire to preserve habitat. Together we will join forces to push the BC government to protect habitat for the true conservation of our wildlife against the greedy, profit-driven resource extraction industry. If you group is interested to join, email us at
We are currently in talks with:
Guide Outfitters Association of BC
Commercial Bear Viewing Assocition of BC
BC Wildlife Federation
BC Nature
Wilderness Committee
Greenpeace Canada
Outdoor Recreation Council of BC
Raincoast Conservation Foundation
LUSH Cosmetics
Patagonia Clothing

Fundraiser set up to assist Coquitlam residents arrested defending black bears

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been launched to provide the best legal help possible for the three Coquitlam residents that were arrested for voicing their reasonable opposition to the killing of a mother bear and her two cubs. This legal case will matter for the future of all British Columbians, as we need to ensure all members of the public are protected and free to voice their concerns for each other and wildlife. It is vital that the “Coquitlam Three” receive the best legal defense possible. Please give what you can – anything beyond the needs for this case will be given to the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund of Westcoast Environmental Law.