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NEWS RELEASE: Orphaned fawns now at Critter Care

June 2, 2020
On May 20 a pair of young fawns were found in the bushes near to where their mother had been killed by a cougar on the Sunshine Coast of BC. They were sent by Ministry of Forestry, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) for reasons we do not understand as of yet to a movie industry company, Beyond Bears. Stop Animal Brutality believes healthy animals should be left in the wild, but if not action should be taken in the following order:
1) To a professional non-profit rehabilitation centre,  that will re-release the rehabilitated animal back into its natural habitat
2) To a qualified humane wildlife sanctuary if rehabilitation is not possible due to injuries that will not allow the animal to be released into its natural habitat
3) to a non-profit educational organization licensed in wildlife care and regularly inspected by the SPCA
4) As a final resort to be euthanized if no quality of life can be maintained due to life treating  injury, or very poor health.
If any government is going to go down the slippery slope of allowing any industry to simply put in a request for  wildlife, where will it stop ? 
Presently operating for-profit, reputable companies in the film industry should only be licensed to care for wild animals, provided that the company proves it is treating the animals well  which includes socialization,  adequate housing, appropriate feeding, and regular veterinarian care, with a log of the animals history. Animal rights groups such as the SPCA need to monitor and hold these organization accountable to a humane standard. It is the opinion of Stop Animal Brutality that in this day and age of digital  production these animals should not be put in such a position, one that could be considered animal exploitation such as a circus for entertainment sake. Stop Animal Brutality is on the record for opposing this practice.  It is not the appropriate roll of a government to sell, give or loan innocent wildlife to any industry for profit .  

Mistakenly, in our opinion the film industry took priority over any rehabilitation efforts. When this was brought to the attention of the Conservation Officer Service (COS) they acted immediately.

Stop Animal Brutality would like to thank Chief Conservation Officer Doug Forsdick, Deputy Chief Chris Doyle, and Inspector Murray Smith of the COS who worked quickly and professionally with FLNRO to deliver the two fawns to Critter Care Rehabilitation Centre on June 2. Critter Care has reported that the fawns arrived in relatively good health other than bloating and diarrhea, which they suggested is attributed to improper feeding at Beyond Bears and stress.
We thank the COS and FLNRO for giving these beautiful animals a second chance to live their lives in the wild.
We at Stop Animal Brutality look forward to continuing work with the COS, FLNRO, Ministry of Environment, and regional and municipal leaders to continue resolving issues for wildlife. Wildlife is under increasing pressure from hunting and habitat destruction from recreation, development, resource extraction industries. It sometimes seems the only value these animals have is for consumptive use, taking their habitat, and exploiting them. It is nice to see that we can work with the COS for the collective good of wildlife and wildlife habitat.
Thank you Doug Forsdick, Chris Doyle, Murray Smith, Critter Care, Lesley Fox of Fur Bearers, the Sunshine Coast Bear Alliance, Susan Sanders of BCB Black Bear Association, and other involved animal rights advocates.
Kelly Ready, Executive Director
Stop Animal Brutality