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Stop Animal Brutality seeks to arm the public with knowledge of the plight of wildlife, and provide effective tools to force the change that is so desperately needed. Read on to find out how you can join a growing and powerful collective and take action for the BC’s wildlife.

Actions you can take now include signing petitions, sharing information on social media, calling your MP/MLA, and distributing our literature around your community.


Call for a Review of the BC Conservation Officer Service
BC government documents released after several Freedom of Information requests state that over 70% of Conservation Officers are hunters. A 2017 recruitment ad highlighted the hunting appeal before public outcry forced the BCCOS to  take it down.  Please sign it here

Mandatory labelling of cat and dog fur in the garment industry  Private Member’s Bill C-400 seeks to change labelling laws and require imports to be labelled with the type of fur. Private bills rarely pass in a majority Government, so this bills needs our support! Please sign our petition here , and also take a few seconds to lend your support to the petition with our friends at Fur Bearers who have been fighting this battle much longer.

Stop the federal government’s poisoning of wolves
Download the petition to Stop Wolf Poisoning (IFAW)
You can also send cards to your federal MP

Stop the BC government wolf cull
Download the Petition to Stop the Wolf Cull



Email us at stopanimalbrutality AT gmail.com for campaign posters and leaflets to distribute in your community.

Hunter or Conservation Officer?









Please email us at stopanimalbrutality AT gmail.com to get involved in our campaigns.

Protecting wildlife in Western Canada and helping the public take meaningful action to care for our beautiful environment