Port Coquitlam: 6 bears killed due to resident carelessness

In early December residents of a Port Coquitlam neighbourhood brought about the death of 2 sows and 4 cubs.

This CBC article reported that Conservation Officers repeatedly warned residents not to leave out food waste, bird seed, and unlocked garbage bins since the bears appeared in the area in October. Officers also issued six violation tickets, five dangerous wildlife protection orders and two warnings to discourage such negligence. They also expected the two sows and four cubs to hibernate in the colder months, but the bears continued to stay, living in backyards and roaming in a nearby park.

Stop Animal Brutality visited the park and spoke with neighbours about the incident. We have learned that residents regularly leave out attractants, despite receiving notices from their a property management firm. The property management shared that it regularly finds attractants carelessly left out, including recycling bins contaminated with dirty diapers and used tampons, as well as open disposal bins. It’s no wonder that these bears kept returning to the neighbourhood. It is shameful that people could be so lazy and careless to not clean and sort their disposables responsibly, and contribute to the death of neighbouring wildlife.

Stop Animal Brutality is currently consulting with the City’s By-Law Enforcement office, the COS, the property management firm, and other animal rights groups to come to a workable solution to prevent future conflicts. SAB is also investigating the actions of the COS.